Celebrating Over 25 Years in Business

I had a wonderful experience at Southern Crescent. The company kept me working and was considerate and understanding about my family emergencies.

Medical Assistant, Morrow, GA

Floated from different specialties (ONC, Peds, Adult Medicine, ID) learned how to access ports and PICC lines, co-workers on assignments were more than helpful, hardest part of job is when long term assignments ended, but enjoyed learning process of Oncology and seeing patients in remission.

Registered Medical Assistant, Jonesboro, GA

Great job, typical day in a Medical office. Learn new things. Working in Urgent care. Managers are nice and there is no hard part of the job.

Medical Assistant, Morrow, GA

Southern Crescent is a awesome company with great management. They always make sure their staff is well trained and prepared for any assignment.

Medical Assistant, Atlanta, GA

This company was a temporary agency who put me to work immediately. I was very pleased with the placement, which later become a permanent position.

Front Desk Receptionist, Atlanta, GA

Southern Crescent always sent me to different assignments daily, always work needed. The staff was amazing and loved to help out when needed. Didn’t really get a chance to interact with co-workers due to them being on totally different assignments.

Medical Office Assistant, Morrow, GA

The company is a great company with benefits and employee and employer communications. Management is very understanding in personal views.

Dental Assistant, Pensacola, FL

Southern Crescent is a very productive company to work for and has great compensation/benefits. I have worked for the company for five years and it has been a really rewarding experience. Unfortunately the military did not renewed there contract. The company did take care of there employees.

Dental Assisting, Pensacola, FL

The pay was fair for this position. I came to work did my job for a busy facility and then I went home. it was fast paced so the day went by faster. There was seldom a time where I wasn’t busy.

Front Desk Clerk, North Carolina

The management is great. You have the opportunity to learn a lot by going to different types of offices. They try to send you to places that are convenient to your home.

Medical Assistant, Morrow, GA