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Why A Nursing Career Can Be a Great Choice

Becoming  a nurse is not a career path for the faint of heart. The challenges of being a nurse aren’t only in getting accepted in to and completing nursing school, but in mastering the ups and downs that come with the career once in the real world. With it’s hectic schedules, long hours, and the care and concern of others well being nursing can be emotionally and physically taxing. You deal with sickness and death and have to do it all with a brave face. However, this career can be a rewarding one! It offers many benefits and, if it’s your passion, can provide you joy in the workplace!  Below are four of the many reasons on why becoming a nurse can be a great career choice!

  1. Earning Potential – The 2019 median pay for nurses in the United States was $73,300 annually. The growing demand for nurses has created significant financial rewards and that will only continue to grow as demand keeps climbing.
  2. Diverse Opportunities – Nurses wear many hats and depending on your degree you have the ability to tailor your career into one that really fits your skill sets. Outside of working in the traditional hospital setting nurses can find themselves working in military bases, nursing homes, schools and universities, urgent care facilities, and more! There’s even an option to become a travel nurse – allowing you to live in different locations for a period time and see the US while you’re at it! Your opportunities are truly endless.
  3. Job Security – Let’s face it. You can’t run a hospital or any kind of healthcare facility without nurses. It’s an in demand job! As long as the world keeps spinning nurses will be necessary in the health and care of others.
  4. Your schedule is ever changing – This might not be a good thing for some people, but for others it can be great! While some nurses have set schedules others find themselves with different days off every week and sometimes even different hours. This can provide a lot of flexibility in your every day life and allow for a better work life balance.



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